Why You Should Choose DeFrell

The following is a list of 30 benefits and advantages we have compiled which we feel give you, our potential client, a tremendous advantage over dealing with other Builder/Remodelor companies. So if you are considering other contractors besides DeFrell Builders to do your next remodeling or building project, all we ask is that you use this check list to see how many of these points our competitors can meet. Thanks. Woody Steketee—President and Owner—DeFrell Builders.

  1. Virtually all our existing and past clients since we have been in business have told us their experience in working with us has been a pleasurable one and they would welcome the opportunity to work with us again.
  2. We continually hear from our clients after we finish a building project for them that they consider us “more like friends and in some cases, family”.
  3. Our customer service surveys of a cross section of clients received a 100% Customer Satisfaction rating with “Excellence” being the one word used most often and “Exceeded our expectations” being a common phrase.
  4. We have numerous reference letters that support our customer satisfaction claims with reference names and phone numbers which can be made available for your use and research.
  5. Our company has been in business now for over 56 years and was incorporated as DeFrell Builders in 1992. We continue to grow and thrive mostly because of our repeat and referral business, as well as our “word of mouth” advertising.
  6. All our key DeFrell lead personnel hold a Michigan Builders License as well as the owner of the company (which is required by law).
  7. We only use subcontractors who are licensed in their particular trades, as required by the State of Michigan, to perform work on your project, to insure you with the utmost in professional services.
  8. For your protection, every subcontractor we hire is required to provide us with a certificate of insurance, which is held on file in our office.
  9. Our subcontractors are selected based on their performance ability instead of the lowest price, in order to provide you with the best possible service and finished product. They are also fully aware of our company’s mission and philosophy to focus on providing professionally executed service to our customer.
  10. We focus on a neat and clean job site with as little waste as possible and we will recycle products when we can. Our professional DeFrell employees and our subcontractors are required to clean up each night after a day’s work.
  11. We make it a point to thoroughly discuss all the details of your project with you before we begin. Then we focus on keeping you informed on the progress of the project thereby virtually eliminating any surprises.
  12. Our DeFrell people always face up to problems immediately and we will use this opportunity, should it ever arrive, to demonstrate how our company will take a pro-active approach to solving the problem. This is far different than the approach taken today by most other companies.
  13. When changes come, as they almost always do, we will make absolutely sure you know what those changes are going to cost you and how they will affect your overall budget and completion schedule.
  14. We do our own estimating to keep a tighter control on time constraints, budgets and purchases for your project.
  15. We only use quality products and vendors and we will advise you on alternatives when they would serve you better and stay within your overall budget.
  16. We stand behind all warranties, as do our subcontractors’ with their products and services supplied. And in warranty situations that are not so obvious, we will assess each one individually and fairly.
  17. DeFrell Builders makes sure its tools, trucks and equipment are all well maintained and removed from a job or replaced if not performing correctly.
  18. We require our professional people and our subcontractors to be neat, clean and presentable on every job, regardless of the work being performed.
  19. We are dedicated to “continuous improvement” and so for that reason, we work at staying abreast with the latest building techniques and codes, while also staying active members of our local, state and National Home Builders Associations.
  20. Time and time again we have been noted as the builder/remodelor who gladly accepts the unique or challenging jobs because we consistently and creatively excel when doing them.
  21. When we are up against other bidders on your project, invariably we are hardly ever the lowest price. And there are a couple of good reasons for this. We do our best to give the customer a realistic price and not what people think or would like it to cost and later be burned by the extras. We know when we are finished with the job, it will be your best value for your investment, and both of us will be proud of the finished project for many years to come.
  22. During our estimating process we use a 34 item list to address all the construction categories for a project to minimize missed construction processes and avoid extras added to the job later. This system also gives you a more thorough look at where the costs actually are in the project.
  23. We make a very concentrated effort to cover all of the details and parts that are realistically going to be needed to implement the project, to avoid coming back to the customer with picky items as extras later.
  24. Our DeFrell professionals perform our own “walk through” and final “punch list” before we do the same with you. In this way, 99.9% of the obvious things we may have missed (and there shouldn’t be many) are caught so you don’t have to worry about catching them when you do your thorough walk through with us.
  25. On major projects, if you do not call us with any problems and we do not revisit your project within one year after it is completed, we may ask to do a general inspection before a year is up. We would do this for the purpose of looking for any problems we might see developing so that we could fix them at that time.
  26. We offer all our customers a referral reward program for leads that turn into jobs.
  27. We stay in constant communications with you and if someone is going to be, or not going to be on your job, for any reason, we will let you know.
  28. Our company is a member in high standing with our local Holland Home Builders Association; the Michigan Home Builders Association and the National Home Builders Association.
  29. Our relationship and trust with our clients becomes so strong that they will call on us for advice and as a resource for other home maintenance issues we may or may not actually perform for them.
  30. Finally, our greatest source of qualified leads comes from our best advertising of all…. “Word of Mouth Advertising” from our highly satisfied customers. Be sure to ask us and everyone who bids on your job, for excellent references.

At DeFrell Builders, we dot the i’s and cross the t’s in Construction!
And we still make house calls too.